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Please keep in mind my brother does pay for All of this and our vent. Vent is 200 dollars a year and the site is 45 per 6 months. If you would like to make a donation its much appreciated! If I reach an amount close to what hes spent, I will take the donation tab off, I am not here to make money.
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Those looking to join this linkshell need to be ready to help fellow members get leveled up to the end game so that we may begin makeing arrangements for end game content. This linkshell's intent is to be very successful and to possibly become one of the best worldwide.
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Welcome to Section 9    

Welcome to Section 9!


We are a semi-hardcore group of gamers intent on being the best we can in all aspects of this game, including leveling, raiding and NM Hunts. But even though we try to be the best we can, we also know this is just a video game, so above all else, our main objective is to have fun.


This game is not a job, so if you find yourself getting stressed or unusually angry at the game, and not enjoying yourself with a group of friends, it may be time to step back. Remember, this is purely entertainment we look for, not an occupation.


Our chat both in-game and in ventrilo should be kept casual and friendly, but don’t worry about keeping a “PG” atmosphere all the time. We’re adults or at least mature enough to sit in front of a computer for long periods of time playing a game. Let your hair down and relax, just don’t overdo it. Sometimes too much is too much, and then it goes from witty banter to either annoying speeches or sometimes harassment. Just keep it nice and friendly with each other.


Similarly, if someone feels you’ve disrespected them or your chat is borderline offensive, please respect that. We have a lot of people with a lot of different backgrounds and other diverse characteristics. Usually a lot of problems can be avoided if you take a second or two to think if your awesome joke might be a little too offensive or not. And it’s usually smarter to probably just hold your tongue and/or fingers if you might think so. It saves on a world of drama and keeps everyone working together to have fun at this game.


We also have a Ventrilo server. Some folks took to believe that Ventrilo is obsolete, but we beg to differ. This little program becomes invaluable when you accidentally disconnect during a pull or a boss fight.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any member in the game or hanging out on Ventrilo. We also have a ton of threads in our forums to answer just about everything we can on any topic we feel might come up. So check them out, and if you still can’t find an answer, feel free to shoot anyone a message either on this site or in the game, and we will try to respond as fast as we can.


Though we do consider ourselves Semi-hardcore because of the fact that we aren’t going to force someone to raid/hunt/level etc… we also do have a main focus of trying to become the best of the best. Ventrue’s dream is to one day see across some game news website “Section 9 gets Server First blah blah blah” So let’s make it happen.

(Written by Adanna Bel'kelu and some editing by Ventrue Lacroix)

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The Server has been chosen

Winry, Sep 2, 10 12:33 AM.
Thats right all people for Section 9 and those wanting to join the Linkshell should just the Wutai server

What server will we be on?

Winry, Aug 18, 10 11:05 PM.
The server we will be playing on will has not been choosen yet and will not likely be choosen till Sept. 22 with the release of the collector's edition. Please be in vent that day to insure you are on the same server as the rest of us.

Prepare for the release fo Final Fantasy 14

Winry, Aug 18, 10 10:59 PM.
As a Linkshell we need to be prepared for the release of the game so that we may get right to the end game. Please visit the fan sites for the game and try to learn as much as you can so we can be one of the best Linkshells in the game

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Ventrue Lacroix, Aug 18, 10 7:09 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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